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Client Testimonials




"Because of your strategic planning on the timing of our sale, the presentation of our home and most importantly your optimal negotiating skills and counter offer strategy, we sold our home for over 32% our asking price-significantly above the target we had set. We're grateful you took the leap to Palo Alto and coached us through the sale of our home. Your brilliant strategy has sent us on our way to our dream life by the beach in Santa Cruz. We would gladly recommend your services to anyone who either wants to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area." 
- Paula Sandas and Dennis Harvey, Clients for over 20 years 


"Anina is an extraordinary proactive agent. She did such an outstanding job as our agent for the purchase of our first home in Santa Cruz, we asked her to help us buy our second existing home in Santa Cruz, sell the first home in Santa Cruz and one in San Carlos! Anina has the experience to provide a balanced, long-term outlook and is always available to answer questions and discuss alternative approaches that get the job done."
- Michael Krautkramer and Dorian Daley, General Counsel for Oracle 


"I have had only positive experiences with Anina both in working with her as a mortgage banker and having her represent me in the sale of my condo in 2013.  I founded Network Mortgage in 1998 and was in lending for 25 years.  I got to see many realtors and how they operated and Anina always stood out as a total professional. Anina works both hard AND smart, so when it came time for me to list my condo the choice was easy.  My unit sold quickly and for over $40,000 more than the last sale in the complex!  When my husband and I get to buy back into the Santa Cruz market in 2015, Anina will be right there to represent us.  Do yourself a favor and when you interview agents, give Anina a call.  You'll be as impressed as I am."
- Karen C. 


"Anina has been our buyer's agent for two homes in Santa Cruz County in the last 3 years. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the area, neighborhoods, inventory, the seller's agents, and resources (inspectors, lenders, contractors, cleaners, etc). She has tremendous energy and wouldn't slow down until we had the right house at the right price and terms, including tough negotiations. Anina has strong opinions about what she considers a good home, but took the time to understand what we liked, and then unemotionally guide us to make the right choices."
- D.S.


"When I decided to move from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz, I was referred to Anina van Alstine. We had a very thorough telephone interview, and then on the day I could come over the hill to look at houses, she had an open house. So she organized a self-driving tour of houses which met my criteria. On the day I could come look at houses, I got stuck in traffic and was over an hour late in making my appointment, but she was still waiting! She had listened so carefully and had asked the right questions, so the first house she showed me was perfect. Closing and all were smooth.  I bought it and have lived there happily ever after. But, I have continued to rely on Anina and her knowledge of the neighborhood, of service providers and general savvy; she is skilled in negotiating and hardworking. She is THE expert on Santa Cruz; I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in buying or selling property in or around Santa Cruz."
- Sarah C.


"What if, when you were ready to sign a listing agreement with your real estate agent, she said, "DON'T SELL NOW!" That's what Anina Van Alstine said to me. Forgoing a commission temporarily, she showed that she was most interested in my welfare. I followed her advice, rented my home with the rent not only covering all expenses but also the interest on my new home loan but also showed a gain. When I did sell a year later, the sales price and my financial return increased significantly. If you desire knowledge, experience, and integrity in a real estate broker, choose Anina Van Alstine." - Lee D.


"Anina is the Best. Stop looking because she's got it! So attentive and knowledgeable in every area of selling and buying a home. She sold our condo in no time! No stress, no hassle, no worry. All professional and kind and forward thinking. No
hick ups, no mistakes, and we even gained a new friend! She's perfect for every situation!" - Stephen O. and Nicole P.


"Anina is wonderful. She is very dear to us. My husband is a contractor and Anina has worked with us over the past 15 years on 9 transactions buying and selling real estate for investment as well as for our personal use. Anina understands the market and she is able to handle any situation that arises with intelligence and grace. Last year she managed to sell our rental property & home at record prices so we could buy our dream home. Anina has earned the respect of her colleagues, so she is exactly the person you want to represent you in any real estate transaction." -Mona N.


"Anina assisted us with buying our first home and she was outstanding to work with.  My husband and I had been looking for a new home since we found out we were expecting last summer.  2 days AFTER my due date, we finally happened upon an open house in Scotts Valley in a great location (and top-notch schools) that we thought could be perfect.  Turns out it was--and we called Anina that evening after a referral from my hub's father, who had worked with her before.  We put in an offer the next day and miraculously, it was accepted.  When the baby was born a week late, we had a house!  Just over a month later, it was officially official.  Without Anina, we would not have the wonderful family home we have now and we are so thankful.  She has a fabulous personality and energy to boot. Thank you, Anina! You are the best." - Nicholle B.


"We highly recommend Anina Van Alstine to all the buyers in Santa Cruz. My wife and I were first-time home-buyers and had very little knowledge about the home buying process. Anina helped us navigate the tricky negotiation process of buying our home and crafted our offer in a sellers' market so that it has a competitive edge over other offers. She always had our best interest in mind. She took the initiative when the inspection of the home we bought identified some issues and she communicated with the selling agent to get them resolved. Attention to detail and taking care of client's interests are rare things in today's dynamic housing market. We would highly recommend Anina and we definitely would use her when the time comes for our next transaction." - E.T.

"Anina was referred to me by a trusted source to help me figure out whether I should buy my co-owning partners out and stay in the home where I have lived for 9 years or walk away and start over. Anina took the time to meet with me twice and gave me clear advice on the benefits and realities of my situation. With her help, I was able to find a path to negotiate and stay in my home. Thanks, Anina!" - Kirsten L.


"Anina did a great job helping my wife and I find our first home in Santa Cruz.  She'll be our "go to" again if we move.  She's the Realtor you hire when you are serious about buying or selling a home and want to work with someone who really knows their stuff." - Caleb B.


"Anina has been our family realtor for many years. She has handled both sales and purchases on our behalf, always ensuring that we got the best price for our properties and that we found other properties that were ideal.
The most important transaction was the sale of our Palo Alto home. Anina teamed with a Palo Alto Coldwell Banker agent to sell our home in order that we could successfully tee-up our retirement. Through her methodical preparation and adherence to her effective strategy, we sold our home for 34% over the asking price. Anina is a true professional. Under her watchful eye, contingencies are removed and escrows are smooth. She listens carefully to her clients' dreams and commits to make them a reality. Whether buying or selling in Santa Cruz or Silicon Valley, Anina Van Alstine is the real estate professional who can make it happen." -Paula S.


"Anina did a GREAT job selling my house. I know we got the best possible price due to her marketing strategies. I would highly recommend her!" - Tami E.


"Anina has been my real estate broker for both buying and selling property in Santa Cruz for over twenty years.  She has represented me to sell my home and buy a home as well as several investment properties.  She is incredibly smart about all aspects of real estate transactions.  She taught me how we could use 1031 Exchanges and installment sales for the sale of commercial properties.  I can honestly say that everything Anina has helped me do in real estate has been golden. I recommend Anina without reservation and with a good deal of enthusiasm." - Cathy D.


"We would be hard-pressed to find a better agent anywhere. Anina helped us sell our house of 21 years and buy a beautiful new place. We met her at an open house and were immediately taken by her knowledge of proposition 60 and many years of real estate experience in the area. Working with her quickly became like working with a close and trusted friend. Honestly, she's a bit of a character and a pure joy to work with. For the sale of our house, she instructed us to get all the inspections up front and make certain minor changes in order to better prepare the house for a quick sale. We were able to select from several offers and again, we relied heavily on her opinions and experience. We sold our house at asking price in 1.5 weeks. On the buy side, several times she dissuaded from buying a house that wasn't quite what we were looking for. She was way more patient than we were and willing to work as long is it took to find the right place. On many occasions, she was the calm voice of reason that helped us get through this very emotional process. She was also resplendent with hugely helpful contacts to very loyal movers, cleaners and painters and foundation, engineering, electrical, pest, and spa experts and so on. She's a tough, fearless and talented negotiator and an incredibly hard worker.  We would go with Anina again in a heartbeat." - Michael K.


"Anina is incredible (and smart!). When my wife and I relocated back to the Santa Cruz area she was our first call. We knew we had the inside track with Anina and ended up right where we wanted to be, close to town, the water and on the West Side. Professional, yet she gets the culture as well as the market with no wasted time.... and that can be huge when you are looking for a home and/or selling. Yes, we would call her again and thanks, Anina!" - Robert W.


"Anina has been my agent for three purchases over the last 20 years, each quite different with their own unique challenges; she was an outstanding agent for each one. She was originally recommended by a local attorney with a background in real estate law, and we later learned that she has family connections in construction. This combination of skills means she is well versed in all aspects of real estate; this knowledge allowed her to identify potential benefits and problems that were critical for each purchase. She is attentive, energetic, patient, and totally hands-on; in short, a real tiger, exactly the kind of person you want on your team. I can't recommend her highly enough!" - Mark F.


"Where to begin?  Would I recommend Anina? Absolutely positively YES!! My wife and I recently purchased a small vineyard estate with Anina as our agent.  The negotiations were tough and lasted almost 3 months (not a typo).  There were soo many intricacies and complexities with this transaction, which required an amazing amount of patience, negotiation skills, research, knowledge and good old hard work.  Anina was absolutely amazing throughout the process, fierce and loyal, and I was simply amazed by the amount of effort that she invested in this process.  At times I could hardly believe that she was not a principal to the transaction.  Needless to say, I always knew she had our back, so to say.   

As thorough and deliberate as I am in these types of situations, I felt that Anina matched - if not exceeded me - every step of the way.  She is extremely knowledgeable and a master of the local area, she understands things in a way that bespeaks her experience and expertise.  Her thoughtfulness and insightfulness during every step of the process was impressive; often times suggesting things that I would never have thought of.  She has an impressive network of professionals, acquaintances, and friends, which facilitates quick resolution of any and all issues.  

In summary, our purchase of this property would have fallen through a hundred times if it wasn't for Anina's tenacious, yet calm and professional demeanor.  I am convinced that she was the ONLY realtor in the greater SC area that could have pulled this off.  And for that, my wife and I are eternally thankful to her. Do yourself a favor and get Anina on your side!" - Eug. T.